Kait D'Arcy
is taking a short break

Hi friends!

So lately I've been thinking about how I can bring more value to my art and business. As I considered how to achieve this and reflected over the last year I have realized I’m actually completely burnt out. Continuing along in this state wouldn't help me to grow or reach my aspirations for both the business or the personal life I want to lead.

So as of tomorrow (April 24th) I will be taking a sabbatical to rest, recharge, explore new ideas and foster inspiration.

At this stage it is for an undefined period of time, maybe a month, maybe more, maybe less. I will be off all social media and email too. I've decided that to really let myself rest, grow and flourish in a healthy, vigorous way I need to do that. 

Thank you for loving my art and supporting me and my business, it's meant more than you know! I hope to come back to you reinvigorated and with some beautiful new things when the time is right. 

Love Kait xo

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