Dazzling unique, innovative hand drawn creations. Forever.

I’m Kait D’Arcy, an Australian Artist and Designer living abroad in Canada with my husband Mark and Golden Retriever Flynn. I hunger to create realistic drawings that stop you in your tracks and squeezes at your heart. 
I proudly offer exceedingly high quality, tailor-made, hand drawn commissions and artwork. I put unmatched care and attention into each drawing, working with you to capturing something you love and will adore forever. 

I hope you find an exceptional amount of joy in my drawings. I'm thrilled to create these treasured pieces of art with you, and for you.

Kait xo

Drawing for me started early and naturally. It was an effortless joy and a form of self expression and self soothing. My skill came about through practice, drawing after drawing, and grew through an unquenched hunger to capture how the individual or place made me feel, not what it looked like. From the cheeky glint in my Grandad's eyes, and the adoration in my childhood dogs face, to the memories encrusted in my family home, and the majestically atmosphere of a Banff National Park waterfall.

Yet, hunger still unquenched, I moved from paper and pencil to an interactive pen tablet. Enter the Wacom Cintiq Pro. It was a challenge, but the endless opportunity it provided bewitching. I can now perfectly replicate my pencil drawings but in a more brilliant, detailed and higher quality manner. Every soft pencil wisp captured. Deeper impactful contrasts. Vivid colours. Perfectly preserved forever. 

This new innovative way of drawing elevates everything special and authentic about the pencil medium and realism art style, enhancing it into a better and more sustainable product and experience. This is the beautiful way every drawing you see here is created.

For more examples and reviews, visit me on my social media platforms where you'll find my previous client's drawings, the photos they were drawn from and what my clients had to say about them!

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