Hello and Welcome!

I’m Kait D’Arcy, an Australian Artist and Designer currently living abroad in Canada with my husband Mark and pup Flynn. I'm passionate about drawing and design and I have a hunger to create artwork that is personal and captures the heart. 

I'm proud to offer high quality, unique hand drawn commissions. I put a lot of love and careful attention in each drawing, capturing all the things you love. 

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it for you.

Kait xo

I fell in love with art from a young age, self taught with a gravitation towards pencils and drawing as my favourite medium and style of art. Six years ago I challenged myself to relearn how to draw, but this time on a tablet.

Each drawing and portrait you see on my website and social media platforms are hand drawn on a Wacom tablet using a digital stylus pencil. This application perfectly replicates the same thing I'd do if I was holding a normal pencil and drawing on a piece of paper, but the result is more detailed, accurate and produces a beautiful high quality flawless pencil drawing.  It also allows me to preserve and capture every soft element of the pencil markings and details in the drawing that would be lost if I tried to make a digitised reproduction of the drawing, something most people end up getting done so that their unique, deeply personal drawing is safely insured in a backup copy in the event it was damaged or destroyed. This new innovative way of drawing elevates everything special and authentic about the pencil medium and the realism style of art and enhances it all to a better and sustainable experience and product that you can keep forever!

For more examples and reviews, visit me on my social media platforms where you'll find my previous client's drawings, the photos they were drawn from and what my clients had to say about them!

Each Portrait is completely customized to the individual, therefore the time frame will differ. On average a Portrait drawing might take a week or two for me to complete, but as I work on a "first come, first served" basis the turn-around time from when you place your order to when you receive the completed order may be an additional couple of weeks on top of the completion time frame. 
The time from placing your order to you receiving your completed order is currently: 2-3 WEEKS. Please contact me if you have a time sensitive deadline.

::: COVID-19 UPDATE :::
With a higher than normal delay in shipping and general stresses on systems, I will be offering digital delivery ONLY of your custom portraits so that your package doesn't take the place of someone's essential needs. I will be there to help you with printing advice, instructions and anything you need to make sure your portrait turns out perfectly from start to finish.

During this stressful and challenging time I hope that my artwork can bring you a little joy as I work with you to capture a reflection of your memories and loved ones.

From my family to yours, we hope you are all healthy and safe!

Kait xo

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